Saturday, 16 October 2010

TRW Factory Aylesbury - Wenge and Teak

TRW Building Aylesbury

We had another big job to do last week, this time it was lifting the parquet from the old TRW Factory in Aylesbury. We removed Rhodesian Teak and Wenge all of a fantastic quality and condition, the later stuff dating from the 1970s and the earlier stuff dating from 1964 as per the stone below.

We have to do the parquet lifting quickly and often on short notice, immediately before the demo guys come in and flatten the building! If we want to reclaim and therefore recycle what is a superb quality resource we really have to be flexible and mobile to get to these places because the demo guys wait for no man!

Look out for the timber on our website and give us a call if you want a price, sample and delivery quote, this is great stuff!

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