Thursday, 17 March 2011

An Arts & Crafts Post Office, Suffolk

Beech & Panga Panga floor recently fiited in an Arts & Crafts Post Office
Just thought we'd share with you a gorgeous floor that we have just fitted for a friend of ours, Anthony Geering from Puritan Values, a leading expert in Arts & Crafts antique furntiure and artefacts. The room is the actual Old Post Office in Wangford, Suffolk, which Anthony has restored keeping all the original features. The parquet floor is reclaimed and supplied by us, very effective warm beech with a bold panga panga border edge. By not over-sanding, the floor still has a lived -in look of an old floor. There are more pics to come, we have captured a time lapse of the process to show our customers what it takes to fit a reclaimed parquet floor and that will be posted on our website - with luck next week.

Anthony has appeared in a couple of TV programmes dealing with antiques, Channel 4's Kirstie's Home Made Homes being the most recent where his expertise has been called on. He has got an interesting Eco-Project underway and is very convinced about reclaimed parquet, so will be using it in the future within the project. This completed room just goes to prove how warm and welcoming parquet flooring is, and how suitable for an original late Victorian building.

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