Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Maple at a bargain price - but not for long!

This is the maple when finally laid, having been scraped, cleaned, sanded and polished.

 We have on offer some great maple blocks, which need work, a good amount of scraping, but the trade off is you get a great block for a bargain price. We are finding increasingly that there are people out there in these tough times who don't mind being 'hands on' with their project and so we are offering some block for exactly those customers. We have tried the 'hands on' stuff  ourselves and know that aside from it being very tedious and grubby, it is actually in the long run, very rewarding. To look at the floor and know the effort and care was yours, and the savings too, is a great feeling.

Obviously you would not want to do it all the time... but to have a quality floor, it is worth it at least once!!

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