Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Our New Website Is Live!

We have been working towards a new website for the past few months and are very pleased to announce that it is here at last!

We wanted something with a bit more interaction and fun, but still be user-friendly, and we hope we have achieved that with our new site, thanks once more to Epix Media.

We have also sourced a new and rare wood type, the brilliantly named Banga Wanga, from East Africa, which is stunning, heavy and a quality block. See the photo below and our website for further details:

Banga Wanga


  1. Hi there,
    It seems that parts of your new website are not working as they should. There is a menu at the top, which is obscured by a set of picture links which are constantly scrolling back and forth. This means that variosus this are not accessible, as only the 6 picture links can be accessed.

  2. Hi there, many thanks for your feedback. Hopefully it is all working okay now? The moving slider was part of the design but we slowed it down as even I found it dizzying!! The menu above should be accessible - and yesterday we launched our new mobile site. Regards for Parquet Parquet